Level 6


STUDENT'S BOOK 6 ISBN#: 9786070601545 

PRACTICE BOOK 6 ISBN#: 9786070601552 

ASSESSMENTS 6 ISBN#: 9786070601569

TEACHERS GUIDE 6 ISBN#: 9786070601675 


BLACKLINE MASTERS 6  ISBN#: 7506009806702

AUDIO CD 6  ISBN#: 7506009806634

THEMATIC LIBRARY 6  ISBN#: 9786070602153

INTERACTIVE CD-ROM 6  ISBN#: 7506009807839

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Spotlight on English is a comprehensive, standards-based program for English language learners (ELLs) designed to help K-6 students gain and develop English language proficiency, while studying grade-level content. The course exposes students to grade-level academic English while providing teachers with the tools needed to empower their learners to acquire the language accurately and achieve competency in listening, reading, writing and speaking. 

Spotlight on English is a balanced program that not only provides the academic language students need, but also brings together proven methodologies and innovative teaching strategies.

With Spotlight on English students will:

 learn with materials aligned to the US Core Curriculum Content Standards

 study grade-level content

 acquire academic English

 achieve competency in listening, reading, writing and speaking through proven methodologies and innovative teaching strategies

Components & Resources:

For Students

 Student’s Book

 Practice Book


 Interactive CD-ROM

 Thematic Library (1-6)

For Teachers

 Teacher’s Guide

 Assessments Teacher’s Manual

 Blackline Masters

 Audio CD


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